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Tricks to ease the expenses of the new school year

Although we go through this every year, we apparently never end up being prepared to bear the expenses of the huge school list.  Do you feel identified? Then this article is for you. 

But keep calm! In these cases it is best not to despair. There are some tricks you can use to ease the expenses of the new school year. 


1. Time of recycling

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At the end of the school year, children have a lot of material that they did not use or with little use, such as: crayons, pencils, notebooks, folders, sheets, markers, foami, bond paper, glue, scissors, etc. 

Check what you can reuse! This way you will be saving to reduce the shopping list.


2. Exchange educational material

Buying educational material like books is expensive, but there is a way to reduce that expense. Talk to family and friends who have books they don’t use and match what your children will need. 

Also, you can make a change. For this, offer the books that your children have left the previous year. You will see that you will have many exchange offers!


3. Search for offers

6. Evaluate where it is necessary to spend

The parents who save are those who do not buy on the first site they see. Locate the best offers back to school!

You can take advantage of your mobile device to search online for those places where you can save on clothes, shoes, bags and teaching materials. You will see that your search will be worth it and many euros will remain in your wallet.


4. Buy staggered

Staggered shopping is a great way to meet the expenses of the new school year. You don’t have to buy all the material in one day!

You can dose the purchase, acquiring what the first months will use. Then, you can search for sites that have postseason offers for the beginning of the academic year. 


5. Invest early

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A successful strategy may be advance purchase. Remember that in the middle of the beginning of school everything is more expensive and the materials become scarcer. 

For this reason, if a few months before you buy clothes, shoes and educational material, you will surely get the best prices.


6. Evaluate where it is necessary to spend

In addition to what you have to invest in clothing, footwear and educational material there are other expenses that you have to think about, such as: boys’ lunch, transportation and extra chair activities.

Reduce transportation costs: Think of several options to get to school. If it is close to home they can go walking or cycling. In this way, you will not invest money in gasoline for your car nor will you have to hire a school transport.

Save on extra activities chair: Research on the activities that drive municipalities. These are less expensive than those offered on other sites such as sports, painting, language or music academies.


7. Request a payday loan online

7. Request a loan online

If you have evaluated the other options, and still feel that you need money to cover expenses for the new school year, you have the option of requesting a payday loan online . You don’t need a gigantic amount of paperwork or cumbersome procedures. The whole process is carried out from the comfort of your home or office.

Surely, you may wonder, how is that possible? But the answer is very simple. There are many companies that are dedicated to lending money online. You just have to visit the website, select the amount and term to pay, fill out the form and wait for confirmation.

Too easy! In a few minutes you will receive confirmation. And if you meet all the requirements and conditions, in a short time you will have the money available in your bank account.

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